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The mommy fitness community has found a place to gather and share ideas online on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. An online community formed through social media allows people to form bonds across the world without ever leaving the comfort of their living room.

Tracking someone’s fitness progress is a two-way exchange here. For the person who’s trying to live healthy the online followers act as a support system. Research has shown that if you announce your weight loss goal, the pressure to save face can help you not give up.

For the followers, the journey can be a source of inspiration. You can also gain a lot of knowledge and tips through these conversations.

Various social media influencers have been documenting their Weight Loss journeys online. Chief among them are mothers who have taken to the healthy lifestyle. Majority of them begin their journey towards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle after their pregnancies. Trying to lose the post-pregnancy weight is the top reason why mothers turn to exercise and nutrition. While bringing up children is the most important part of any parents life regardless of gender, race or color, mothers tend to take most of the brunt. Their health is often ignored in that process. Putting yourself first for your family is a radical thought for mothers and one that requires a balancing act. Here are a few of mom influencers who have been documenting that balancing act on social media and starting important conversations about women’s health worldwide.

1. Courtney

Courtney is a mother of three from Oklahoma and lost a whopping 80 pounds with the help of Yoga. She doesn’t adhere to the stereotype that weight loss means drab food and is an avid baker. She documents her baking and crocheting on her Instagram. Courtney doesn’t focus just on her weight loss but paints a picture of a happy life, and how she achieved it along with her weight loss. Following this influencer mom account will help you bear witness to her happy life.

2. Reyven Nestman

A vlogger mommy of two, Reyven’s before-and-after pictures will blow your mind. Her message of pushing yourself to achieve your best health is inspiring. Her honest description of the emotions she feels on this journey can be disarming and humbling at the same time. Reyv upload videos to convey her message which makes her YouTube more dynamic to follow.

3. Roni Noone

#wodify #PerryHallCrossFit Pull-ups, Strict: 1 x 5 | PR by 1 rep vs. 4 on 01/18/2019 | Comment: 6th w/ kick

— Roni Noone (@RoniNoone) February 14, 2019

Rooni is a self-proclaimed comfort zone pusher. She is a veteran in the blogger arena and has been documenting her journey to Weight Loss using the Weight Watchers Program since 2005. Her blog has now been turned into an E-book which can be bought on Amazon. Her thirteen thousand followers on Twitter get a host of advice, recipes and musing every day. Roni has been using the internet to connect with people long before Twitter existed. To see her use twitter to talk about her wellness lifestyle in limited characters is an experiment worth observing.

4. Tina at CarrotNCake

Instant Pot BBQ Lentils

— CarrotsNCake (@CarrotsNCake) February 15, 2019

A food and fitness blogger, ‘Balance is everything’ is Tina’s Mantra. She seems to be balancing a range of roles perfectly. A Mom, a nutritional coach, a CrossFit coach who likes her cake and eats it too. This mom influencer manages to mix nutrition, exercise and lifestyle into her content, and is preaching the message of balance one tweet at a time, which makes her twitter informative and fun to follow.

5. Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty

One Last segment with Andrea Robinson on @FOX10Phoenix before she takes on mommy life full force. Shannon’s Rocking the cozy @StateofLivin Arizona tank and she’s not even an @ASU #SunDevil!

— Fit Mom Diet™ (@FitMomDiet) September 28, 2018

Kim and Shannon were strangers when they both had the same epiphany. Both began their journeys towards healthy living after having children. They have transitioned from curious about weight loss for moms to fitness models. Fit Mom Diet is a community created by them to share their experiences. They focus on fitness and diet and are tag-team champions of motivation. Following these two mom influencers on twitter is sure to motivate you and teach you facts about weight loss and diet.

6. Lisa Benton

Lisa dealt with the problems of the mind as a clinical psychologist before turning into a ‘healthologist’ in her own words. She writes about fitness, nutrition and motherhood with equal passion. According to her, she went from helping women in her practice as a psychologist to helping the larger community of women online and that’s what inspires her to do this. Lisa is a mom influencer in this domain, and following her twitter account will help you understand the psychological aspects of weight loss and parenting.

7.Anne-Marie Nichols

#ad The Ultimate Breakfast Bagel Sandwich featuring @HillshireFarm Premium Carved Slow Roasted Seasoned Ham. Includes tips on how to make a breakfast bagel egg sandwich #recipe.

— Anne-Marie @ This Mama Cooks! (@amnichols) February 1, 2019

The founder of the ‘This Mama Cooks! On a diet’ blog, Anne began writing about food just as a small project to document her plans for Thanksgiving. Today the mother of two teenagers runs a successful online business writing about healthy food and lifestyle tips for working moms. Her recipes are tested and perfected and focus on losing pounds with the help of the right diet. Anne-Marie’s twitter acts as an extension to her food blog and is almost like an index full of fun and exciting healthy recipes.

8. Robin Kadet

So true, fitness advise that makes sense: Why You Might Actually Want to Gain 10 Pounds

— Robin Kadet (@rgkadet) May 23, 2018

Robin’s blog is a place of great comfort. A mom and marketer is on the journey to weight loss. Her style of writing is confessionals. She tells you her story, stripped down to the truth and documents her complicated relationship with food and opinion on allergies very vocally. Most weight loss journeys of mom influencers on twitter are about showing how the person got there. Robin however still hasn’t reached “there” yet, and following her is like following her journey in real time.

9. Sia Cooper

Breast Implant Illness: 2 Month Explant Update + List of ingredients in breast implants your doctor will not tell you! #breastimplantillness

— Sia Cooper (@DiaryofFitMommy) February 8, 2019

A fitness star in her own right, Sia Cooper is a certified personal trainer. She brings the gospel of fitness to the Twitterverse and is not afraid of expressing her opinions on a variety of issues. She documented her journey of losing 45 pounds in her blog. Her understanding of fitness changed after the birth of her son and she writes about that often. Following Sia would be helpful if you’re trying to look for first-person narratives of mothers who felt lost after gaining pregnancy weight and how to get back into shape.

10. Fitfabfun Jane

Jane is the mother of two teenagers and is just as fab as she is fit. Her lifestyle-fitness-fashion blog is a combination rarely found. Apart from exercise and fitness, she likes to document her outfits on her Instagram which can only be described as fabulous. Jane’s Instagram archive of her dresses and how she got in shape to fit into them provides us with a roadmap for weight loss and what happens after you’ve lost the weight and need new clothes.

11. Darcy

burned 117 calories doing 20 minutes of Running (jogging), 5 mph (12 min mile) #myfitnesspal

— Billie Anderson (@FitFoodieMom) February 7, 2019

An army veteran Darcy is a running coach who believes that you can have it all. She focuses on clean eating and conscious parenting in her social media conversations. Her blog was born out of a need for a creative outlet after the birth of her second child. Today it’s a community of support for many moms out there. Darcy’s twitter is a picture of balancing parenting and clean eating, looking at which can be reassuring for mothers trying to achieve the balance.

12. Sarah Fit

Week 4 FASTer Way To Fat Loss Update on @bloglovin

— Sarah Fit (@SarahDussault) February 14, 2019

A YouTuber who followed her curiosity, Sarah is a certified personal trainer, holistic healing coach and nutritionist. She writes in detail about her experiences with pregnancy and keeping a healthy lifestyle without depriving herself. Her mission is to help women eat clean and inspire confidence in them. The fact that Sarah is a trained expert in her field adds weight to the advice that she gives out on her social media. This influencer mom’s Twitter is a place where we can get information and advice that is provided by an expert.

13. Ursula Walsh

The perfect roasted chicken for your Sunday dinner. Make sure you look for the @BordBia Quality Mark when purchasing chicken so that you know that it has been produced to the highest Bord Bia Quality standards. For recipe –

#MakeItYourWay #ad

— Ursula Walsh (@MomFitnessDiary) February 5, 2019

Ursula lost over 70 pounds of post-baby weight and wrote an online diary about it. The Irish Mom of two posts an eclectic mix of food recipes, articles about fitness and lifestyle hacks that help you get in shape. Ursula’s personal narrative on her Twitter account is inspiring and seeing her talk about it without inhibitions is a source of motivation that we can acquire.

14. Mommy Writer

#MomWrites : blog with articles to discuss comfort and financial success have never enriched the world as much as adversity has.

— Mommy Writer (@MommyWriterBlog) February 10, 2019

The writer becomes a mother at the age of 40 and her journey to fitness began in order to lose the post-pregnancy weight. She writes about fitness, nutrition as well as wellness and prosperity. Always practical and straightforward this Twitter mom influencer is full of tips and plans that make life easy and healthy for mothers everywhere.

15. Maria Kang

So much fun at the #she365 run in Lodi, CA today! #noexcusemom #nemelkgrove

— Maria Kang (@mariamkang) July 8, 2018

A mother of three, an entrepreneur, a successful author, Maria wears many hats. Her dislike for excuses is only equaled by her dedication to fitness. Her tough love approach does cause controversy but the results are jaw-dropping. Her twitter is equal parts tough love for the sake of health, equal parts inspiration and equal parts pictures of her adorable kids and their family dog. Following Maria Kang on Twitter helps you access her philosophy. Her no-excuses attitude has been scrutinized but to understand it better you need to read what she writes and shares on Twitter.

16. Broke Mom Fitness

A fitness expert for the past fifteen years this single mom is not pulling punches. She speaks her mind and does her crunches, no excuses and no breaks allowed. Follow this mom influencer’s Facebook page for detailed information about fitness, thought-provoking quotes and texts regarding fitness and social issues and food recipes.

17. Gretchen Rubin

A New York City mom, who is not new to fame, Gretchen’s main work focuses on talking about happiness. She may not be sharing exercise regimes like most mom influencers but she shares important information regarding health, fitness and nutrition along with personal stories of being a mom in the big apple on Facebook. If you like stories that are relatable and speak to you as a mother trying to lead a healthy life, Gretchen is the one to follow.

18. Fitness Mom PamNdhlovu

A personal trainer and fitness model, Pam doesn’t mess around when talking about fitness. It isn’t a trend she says, it’s a lifestyle. Like many on this list, Pam too started as a mother trying to lose pregnancy weight. Little did she know that it was going to change the course of her life. Following this mom influencer on Instagram account, will help you learn how to put yourself first in the journey of well-being, something mothers tend to forget doing.

19. Stay Fit Moms

Do You LoveYou?

— Stay Fit Mom (@StayFitMomBlog) February 14, 2019

Krista and Tracy’s journeys are made of passion and doable fitness and healthy choices. Their aim is to open doors for others to enter into the realm of fit lifestyle. These two Twitter influencer moms will inspire you to no end with their comprehensive guides and tips on how to get out of pregnancy weight gains and reclaim your life.

20. Lisa Raleigh

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— Lisa Raleigh (@LisaRaleighSA) September 7, 2018

A self-described wellness and fitness business owner, Lisa always knew that weight loss doesn’t happen at just the gym but in the kitchen. Developing a range of healthy recipes and supplementing them with scientific work out regimens Lisa has developed the Bounce Back workouts and nutritional plan. As a stay at home mom, she wanted to create something that mothers could do at home without having to leave their children to work out. If you want to learn new healthy recipes, wellness tips and exercise methods or need advice on parenting and life, in general, this is the mom to follow.

Whether they are nutritionists, psychologists, artists, writers, personal trainers or stay at home mothers, these women have chosen to put their health first so that they can be role models for their children and other women worldwide.

If you like mom influencers and what they do then you’ll love these rocking Instagram moms.

Top 20 Mom Influencers to Follow on Social Media | Yo Fit Mamas (2024)
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