Logan Paul's Net Worth Is in Its "Prime" After a Historic WWE Sponsorship Deal (2024)

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Logan Paul is one of the most versatile influencers. Now that his energy drink is partnering with WWE, how rich is he?

Logan Paul's Net Worth Is in Its "Prime" After a Historic WWE Sponsorship Deal (1)

By Jamie Lerner

Mar. 13 2024, Published 4:51 p.m. ET

Logan Paul's Net Worth Is in Its "Prime" After a Historic WWE Sponsorship Deal (2)

There’s no one quite like Logan Paul — he does it all. He’s an influencer, a YouTuber, a wrestler, an entrepreneur, an actor, and of course, a multi-millionaire. With all of his successful endeavors under his belt, he just added another historic one thanks to PRIME Hydration’s partnership with WWE.

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Logan has been on the route to fame since he was 10 years old when he first started creating content for the Zoosh YouTube channel. Since then, he’s amassed an impressive net worth through his multiple YouTube channels, sponsored social media partnerships, WWE appearances, acting roles, and various business ventures, including PRIME. So what is his net worth after creating PRIME?

Logan Paul's Net Worth Is in Its "Prime" After a Historic WWE Sponsorship Deal (3)

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Logan Paul has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

According to Forbes, Logan is the sixth top creator of 2023, coming behind his younger brother Jake, his business partner KSI, and fellow content creator and prankster MrBeast, among others. In 2023, he earned $21 million, although it’s unclear if that’s from his social media alone or if that includes other ventures.

To break it down, Logan started earning big on YouTube in 2016, starting off with $12.5 million. Each year, he’s increased his earnings to a lifetime total of at least $123 million. In addition to that, Logan makes money through his wrestling and acting careers. In 2018, YouTube suspended ads on his videos temporarily for a “pattern of behavior” so he started streaming on Twitch.

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Logan Paul

Influencer, wrestler, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and actor

Net worth: $150 Million

Logan Paul is known for his controversial stunts and takes on YouTube and social media as he ventures into businesses like PRIME Hydration.

Birth Name: Logan Alexander Paul

Birth Date: April 1, 1995

Birth Place: Westlake, Ohio

Mother: Pamela Stepnick

Father: Gregory Paul

Siblings: Jake Paul

Fiancée: Nina Agdal

Education: Westlake High School (grad. 2013), Ohio University (dropped out 2014)

In addition, while the suspension was temporary, he looked into other avenues to make money, and in Nov. 2018, he dropped the first episode of his award-winning podcast, Impaulsive. In his boxing career, Logan has fought against KSI, Dillon Danis, and Floyd Mayweather, through which he earned at least $11 million total.

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Finally, Logan dipped his toe into Hollywood when he starred in a 2015 episode of Law & Order: SVU. This led to roles in movies such as Where’s the Money and Valley Girl, but his controversial persona has made it tough to stay in the acting industry. Even still, he must have made decent money from acting in various projects.

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When it comes to his asset net worth, it’s impossible to say exactly how much money Logan has, but we know he owns a $13 million mansion in Dorado, Puerto Rico, where he lives with his fiance, Nina Agdal. He also owns the most expensive Pokemon card in the world, which he bought in 2022 for $5.275 million because of its rarity.

After adding in Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration equities, he could have a net worth of over $400 million.

$400 million may sound like a lot, but PRIME has become one of the most popular energy drinks in the world, thanks to its founders. Both Logan and KSI have some of the largest followings on social media, and their impact is especially prominent when it comes to teenage boys, who are the target audience for PRIME. Now, PRIME is partnering with the WWE as their “Official Hydration Drink Partner.” It’s basically a real-life “fight milk” (we see you Always Sunny fans).

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However, PRIME is much more successful than Fight Milk ever was. Financial analysts estimate that PRIME is valued somewhere between $3.1 billion to $8.4 billion. It’s believed that Logan has a 10% equity in PRIME, which would mean that in addition to his net worth, he has another $300 million of shares in his company at the very least. Not too shabby for Logan.

Logan Paul's Net Worth Is in Its "Prime" After a Historic WWE Sponsorship Deal (2024)
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