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At one time, national leaders considered moving the country's capital from Washington to Columbus--a nod to Columbus-Belmont's important role in American history. The site was considered a strategic location for control of the Mississippi River, and the struggle to control the river led to the Battle of Belmont on November 7, 1861.

Confederate General Leonidas Polk established camps on both the Kentucky and Missouri sides of the river and named the more heavily fortified Columbus the "Gibraltar of the West." But a Union General destined for the White House, Ulysses S. Grant, outflanked the "Gibraltar" and forced evacuation of the Confederates in 1862.

Today, you can still see the massive chain and anchor used by the South to block passage of Union gunboats and the earthen trenches dug to protect over 19-thousand Confederate troops. The farmhouse that served as a Civil War hospital is now a museum that interprets many historic events at this site. The park has a beautiful campground and activity center.


Day-UseHiking Trailyes

Swimming Beachyes

BoatingLaunch Rampsyes

CampingFull Hookup Sitesyes


Meeting Rooms

Enjoy your next business meeting, family reunion, or social function at the beautiful Activity Center. This modern hill-top facility is carved out of the surrounding woodland, near the bluffs of the Mississippi River. The spacious Activity Room accommodates 200 guests, and the Conference Room seats 50 guests. For all your meeting needs, the center features banquet tables, audio-visual equipment, presentation materials, a dance floor, stage, and kitchen. Park administrative offices are also located in the Center.


Campers relax amid beautiful settings on the river cliff campground. The campground has 38 sites with utility hookups and grills. A central service building offers rest rooms, showers, and laundry facilities.

Open April-Oct. No advance reservations. Check-out by 2:00 PM, Central time. Pets are allowed if restrained.


Columbus-Belmont State Park is

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Columbus-Belmont is the perfect locale for your next picnic outing. The park?s facilities include picnic tables, grills and a playground, as well as four picnic shelters. Shelters available for rental up to one year in advance.

Area Attractions


In April 2004, Columbus-Belmont unveiled new exhibits in a farmhouse identified locally as the Civil War infirmary. Visitors become immersed in the Civil War, when hundreds of thousands of soldiers passing this site saw an earthwork "fortress" comparable to Spain?s Rock of Gilbraltar. Four galleries reinterpret some of the many stories of what happened here.

Museum adminission:

$2 admission for adults; $1.50 for children.Group rate for ten or more persons: $1.50 for adults; $1 for children.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews

July 28 the flag by CryBaby

Columbus-Belmont State Park (5) I understand how a lot of the funding for the park comes from gov........ but as the people of the park that visit and contribute also to this funding ..... I vote to put the Battle Flag back in the park ....not about hate .....tis about heritage

October 16 My favorite place for camping by Pat Gupton

Columbus-Belmont State Park (6) I have camped for several years, in several different campgrounds, and I absolutely love camping at Columbus Park. It is quiet here, scenery is the prettiest ever. I love watching the barges on the river, and walking the trenches. It is a clean, well kept campground, with clean bathrooms, and showers. Staff are all friendly, and very helpful, and they work hard to make your stay a pleasure. Highly recommend this as a place to come for relaxation, and fun.

March 10 civil war ball by yearly camper

Columbus-Belmont State Park (7) We Love the ball during the civil war but the judging is very bad. Whoever is in charge of this should get it more together and have it where you can get looks and be more honest. it was bad last year and some kids really look forward to that. we are there every year and I couldn't believe how its not together. I have a florist here in my hometown (Hickman) and would be glad to help with this. My husband helps in the fight every year. Please let me know if you need any help. I would love doing this. I do it here in our town and don't mind helping. Thanks

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Columbus-Belmont State Park (2024)
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